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A little later, during an encounter where a Blue Ribbon known as “Chug” (A. Buckley) assaults Rachel in the school basement, the E-Rat-icator goes off, and immediately sends the student into a psychotic fit, driving him away.During their personal investigation, Steve and Rachel try to find out what exactly has been happening to the Blue Ribbon kids, which leads them to a mental hospital called Bishop Flats following a lead on the disc that Gavin left behind.They drag Steve and Rachel to the programming center, but Steve escapes and rescues Rachel, killing the medical techs as well as Chug who has been left behind to guard them.They try to get out of town again with Lindsay and U.The murder of a mistress and her lover being suspected of the crime is a story we have seen time and time again across different procedurals, as well as a child taking revenge against his or her parent’s murderer.At least this episode added another layer of mystery by having both of these common stories piled on top of one another.

One wonderful, long-awaited aspect that this episode delved into was mending the relationship between Tru and Jack.Disturbing Behavior has essentially received much unfair criticism for what is a solid science fiction teen horror film.Liz Vassey (Two and a Half Men) Cotter Smith (Alias) Eric Christian Olsen (Not Another Teen Movie) Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls) Parry Shen (The New Guy) Michael Reilly Burke (Mars Attacks) Sue Cremin (The Tao of Steve)Befitting the last episode of the formula-breaking second season, “Twas the Night Before Christmas …Dorian also tells Steve that he suspects that the entire community of Cradle Bay is part of a massive conspiracy made up of nearly all of the parents, as well as the local police chief Cox, the school principal and entire school faculty, who hired Dr.Caldicott to “re-program” their own children to become the perfect people that they want them to be and not free-thinkers.

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