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How do you reconcile this new way of being into your understanding of life and fate? This play is doing that healing work and exposing this lie—which has been propagated by a very white, straight male, fear-based, Republican, Judeo-Christian idea—that there is anything wrong with a man loving a man.Prior gets to tell the audience, “The world only spins forward.” He’s giving voice to a new set of truths about compassion, empathy, community. Because it felt unrelated to what was happening in the room, in that conversation, and in my life. I can just focus on doing this play and keeping the conversation moving forward in a way that is about love. Having met [contestants] Detox and Kim Chi recently…it was really overwhelming. She’s got one of those souls that you can feel is very, very deep.So we know these things from Ru Paul’s own admission. So I googled him and found this: So maybe he’s a painter.It’s almost too big of a coincidence to have someone painting Ru Paul who has the same name as Ru Paul’s boyfriend.His man looked equally low key in black Nike trainers and jeans, a beanie and shades, and a black double-breasted coat of his own.Even without his heels, Ru Paul stands at an impressive 6ft4in, and his beau stood another head above him.There’s also a picture of this guy from someone’s myspace: There’s a caption saying that it’s Georges Lebar, and a painting behind him that may or may not be something that he painted.So then I looked for painters named George Le Bar and I came across a website for a Georges Le Bar who studied in a bunch of cities including Miami.

The couple reportedly only get to see each other about every two months.

He also enjoys Wed eve Gay roller skating night at Burbank roller rink.

He enjoys working on his good skating skills on his own, never comes with anyone or an entourage. Would rather hear about someone's story versus be "attacked" with questions from a zealous fan.

'He’s so kind and funny,' Ru Paul told Buzzfeed about his love in 2015.

'I remember praying, "I want a sweet, sensitive man," and I got an Australian who’s just lovely.'He also revealed they had no plans to marry.

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