Rules for validating social security numbers

SSNs were designed to track the earnings of an individual throughout their life.

Social Security is a contribution-based program, rather than an entitlement program.

Create your signature request or template as you normally would.

Then, create the text field for your signer and then click on the drop down menu under Validation Type.

You can read more about how these groups work in Decoding SSNs.

In 1936, security was not a significant factor in the design of the SSN system.

Data validation helps you collect more accurate information by allowing you to set rules on the text fields your signer will fill out.

If they do not, they will receive a notification letting them know they need to enter all ten digits.

A Social Security number is divided into three parts: the area, the group and the serial number.

Two of those three parts can tell an F&I manager how long ago the number was issued, and in which state.

This means that people get back what they pay into the system.

SSNs were used to track what people had paid into the program.

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