Romi klinger dating a man

Season 2, Episode 3June 19, 2011In an effort to put Sara behind her, Whitney sets off for San Francisco.Meanwhile, on-the-wagon Romi and Kelsey attend a posh dinner party, where the latter heavily hits the sauce; Kacy and Cori find a sperm donor online; Sajdah's mother and friend Marissa caution her to cool things off with Chanel; and Francine is eagerly awaiting Claire's departure.Season 2, Episode 1June 5, 2011In the Season 2 premiere, Whitney deals with ex-lover Rachel's move to L. Meanwhile, Claire considers traveling cross-country to reunite with Francine; Romi and Kelsey drink too much at a birthday celebration; Cori and Kacy line up a sperm donor; and the newly out Sajdah goes online to find her first lesbian lover.Season 2, Episode 2June 12, 2011Romi and Kelsey get into a drunken confrontation over their lackluster sex life; Whitney spends another night with Sara; Kacy and Cori evaluate some male friends as possible sperm donors; and Sajdah regales Marissa with tales of her new romance with Chanel.I am a work aholic and I have a partner who does not really understand that. Then I got laid off and have been struggling since and now she uses it to her advantage. The third season premiered on Showtime on July 12, 2012.

Meanwhile, Romi heads to Las Vegas for her first day on the new fashion job and persuades her boss to hire Rachel to help at the convention; Saj engages Chanel with a surprise day of whirlwind romance; and Claire arrives home to find her belongings dumped on Francine's porch.

Season 2, Episode 9July 31, 2011Romi's breakup with Kelsey leaves her wrestling with feelings for Whitney and trying to prep for a photo shoot for the jewelry company that is interested in her line.

Elsewhere, Whitney's lover from San Francisco, Jaq, comes to town; Kacy and Cori contemplate using the inseminating device they received from Whitney and Alyssa; Claire tells Vivian how she feels about getting back together; and Sajdah's mother leaves town, just as Franny's traditional Japanese mom arrives.

After finding the perfect location for her client, she races off to receive an award from the Chamber of Commerce.

She can't wait to share her big night with Raquel, but she's nowhere to be found and devastating news about the venue further riles Mikey.

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