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Also, I am forwarding under separate cover our negatives of prints found in the house, and twenty- two ^latent fingerprints, palm print, and portions of prints taken from objects found in the apartment by Special Agent R. No black lifter was available at the time these prints were secured. He stated that^ffud several places to cover in connection v/ith this matter; that Dillinger* s father and brother reside at Indianapolis and that Kinder also resides there and this angle will have to be covered; that there is an angle at Hamilton, Ohio, which has to be covered and also at Lebanon, Kentucky; that there is also a possibility" at Louisville. C’ ; ' N - 1 U5 r k^ April 4, 1934* 1 1 PHt EP Ct E" ! He advised that in connection with the Dillinger matter the Jigents of the Rev,- York office have been engaged in covering all commercial airports ever since the receipt of the teletype message from St. He inquired as to how long this would be necessary as this cover was requiring all Agents at the New York office. He stated that the vests were made of flat steel and that they were now being used by the agents assigned to this case. Clegg, I informed him of the status of the equipment he desired shipped to St. i A Attained hereto please find photograph of fingerprints taken from ^Listerine bottle found in apartment 303, 95 South Lexington Avenue. It is realized that many of these prints are of practically no value owing to the fact that they are not plain; however, they are forwarded for whatever value they may be. EDGAR HOOVER DIRECTOR SIC: DSS ^j Stfrisum rf ^nfresttgalixm JL Peparimwii of SJusiicc Pfosiljtngtmt, JL CL April 2, 1934* MEi JOKANDl Ti.! Agent in Charge Connell ey called from Cincinnati relative to Hie Dillinger case. 1 j / Agent Zinner called from the Dew *ork office. ■€ informed that I telephonic ally communicated with Ur. Paul office of the Division relative to the thre^Afc^el vests recovered from the apartment of Dillinger and requested hi Flx T carefully in- spect the vests in order to ascertain where the sane v;e re manufac- tured or to secure therefrom- any identification marks. Clegg informed me he had already inspected the three vests recovered, two in Dillinger* s apartment and one elsewhere and that there were no narks of identification or data wliich would lead to the manu- facturers. : • • *■• ' • • /• ' ' : • "• v T r :-r-nl- • • • '• v.? : - e : - ■ shh : ■- 1 S: X • ;• T: • •- : .'V r •A-vv •. MT^BTTE TELEGRAM DIVISION OF CATION RAA:1IAM* S' PM CC Dl VISIOr 7~Z52 C. figi Coeley * - I authorised Hr* Clegg to expend ts wach May “ *“ to be — necessary on confidential infomsnta, end to odriee the Bi TUlcn if he thinks fi ibould purchase bullet-proof vtstt* . Z Instructed Mr, Clegg to keep in mind the natter of bringing in the underworld leaders, fie stated he is now having Agents to obtain additional •dope* on these leaders, and he felt too this should be taken care of as soon as possible. Jpitpartnmrf of justice uratu of ^n&i Stigatum _ - Boom 1403 370 Lexington Avenue . At al; a^noiu L mtoa vgaioi vbzft act # V Dear Sir: : : -i ,-v . Mtljeci to the Urmt on bodf hereof, which art henfy cgia Jpt ‘ *” * V M. Department of JUstios, 1900 Banks rs* Building, Chicago, Illinois -y- ^ r \ •• • h IN • A 11 k 1 ; ■ * CC DIVISION ST PAUL CONROY Di Vi SICK OF i:: V"CTr. WERNER HANNI DIVISION OF INVESTIGATION U S D2PARTMENT OF JUSTICE 803 POST OFFICE BUILDING ST. LETTER DSCUffi ER • «M® B2F2H2KK BASIL BANQHART CHAHLSS C :■ ./ .» OKLAHOMA COT OKLAHOMA APRIL 8 1034 MR. City EMB: IJ 86-4330 „ oc Division uuveeis-udv Di Vi&OA* 0“ ■ APB 5 1934 U. L, , m± WESTERN UNION MESSENGERS OR THE DELIVERY OF NOTES AND PACKAGES Kansas City, Missouri April 3, 1934 C.

PAGES INCLUDED THAT ARE BLURRED, LIGHT OR OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO READ ARE THE RESULT OF THE CONDITION AND OR COLOR OF THE ORIGINALS PROVIDED. i SGBJ6C© John Dillinjmf pl L€ nam Pg R / section nomf Sg R g 56R1A15 au - 3sro SOSAl PX6g S a 1 a. inquiry and the happenings in the Tlclnlty of the Linooln Court Afartments* * - ' " 'v ‘ *; V , ‘ The postmaster at Worth St*Pwal*Misa©30ta t was contacted and ad* sed ■■■' that Ci HL T«Hai24AN vaa unknown to him and his teeords failed to disclose V ' : that thia person van receiving *hil through his office on R, F*D^1* fhe'f^V; rural earrler on R*F*D*#1 was Questioned by the postmaster vlth respect to ; ‘ ' his knowledge of CARL T*HSUHAN and whether any such person was receiving mall on his route and the rural carrier advised that CARL T«HELD£AN vaa unknown to him and that he could not recall ever having delivered, any mailt : V; to him on hia route* % ; t ^ . west* At this point, I could observe the back entrwnoe to the building entrance MFi S^COFFEY had previously informed me was being used by the oceupanta%-§7- ’ 7 ;*/ , of this particular apartment, usually making their entrance from the Lincoln '■ Avenue side* I was parked here for about two minutes when I ob served two women :/^7, turn the corner from Lexington Avenue bn to Lincoln Avenue ‘an4 wedk’.-a. ‘ west on the south bide of the street, this being same eide on which X was parked* Almost simultaneously a Ford Sedan turned off of Lexington on to Ltncolhf l. HEIIAIAH* being the in- dividuals whom MRS 4 COFFEY informed Special Agent in Charge Hannl were act- ing in a suspicious manner* ; There is attached hereto and mads a prt of this report* a memorandum by Special Agent B, L Nalla, showing the results of this . M, , end circled the block going around the apartment but did-R' 7-/7 nnt observe the Hudson car in the neighborhood* I then perked my car bn l Ancoln707 Avenue Just shout twenty-five yards In back of the apartment building*' ifab ing§.^N.'*/’. WESTERN UNION GIFT ORDERS SOLVE THE PERPLEXING QUESTION OF WHAT TO GIVE POSTAL civ:: *7 :2 ; -N-. R M0 ® ra OTOORAPH APPEARS FIRST PAGS CHICAGO POLICE : DISPAR IT/i NT BULLETIN FOHfl ARDKD YOUR OFFICE WIT"? ^ DUXINGER NMVTA AGENT FARLAITD IK PARTED FOR BOSTON LAST EVENING TRAIN OR ACTING lf ; n . igation •' v;- - ,r'\t Art HEN T OK JUSTICK .'-; *■ £‘V ’ ' ^*T ; \ 0£:v*i^V'' *’ • 4 HP DUNN rms 10 v s 617 FEDERAL BUILDING LOS a NGEIHS CALIFORNIA JOh Ai LLINGSB NMVTA IN/ 0H? wfflrti LLi Htfte- »mi VAN MSTi®' Mamo MSD J^ LIN0J ? Department of Justice 1002 Post Office & Court House Building Boston, Mass.

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