Robert and ashley sytycd dating

I do wish Robert would work on his biceps at least ... there's Robert on the left in blue shirt, there's that girl with the flower who I think is now the 'blond airhead' in Glee, there's Travis & Lauren at the back there, Kayla down in center and bottom...

me shallow self wishes hehehfuture or present or past? Behind Lauren I think is Ben Susak of SYTYCD S2 who'd gone to work for Wade after his SYTYCD.

Also LOL @ people hating Robert because of his failed barfing/sick/six thing when Cat was reading his numbers.

Yeah, it wasn't funny, and although I love Robert, I got a bit of second-hand embarrassment, but BIG FRICKIN' DEAL.

Alex hurt himself last week, you hurt yourself this week. At first it was just bruised, which was so painful, but nothing was fractured. I thought you could have sneaked into the top four! And for some reason, a fractured rib was in my future. Because we all watched you break out week 4, when you got hip-hop. The first time I got contemporary, I was like, “Oh cool, I’m in my comfort zone. But, you know, that third week, it was a different kind of contemporary for me.

It seems like they’re giving you all more dances than they gave other contestants during previous seasons at this point in the competition. It gives me a chance to show them that I can kind of step out with the emotion.” But then they didn’t really get the emotion that I brought across. I just had to let go of my movement and not be so placed.

It was announced in early 2011 that Mary Murphy would return as a permanent judge for season 8.

So You Think You Can Dance is a United States television reality program and dance competition airing on the Fox Broadcasting Company network. In the August 12 finale, contemporary/jazz dancer Lauren Froderman was named "America's Favorite Dancer" and received the grand prize of 0,000, as well as an appearance on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine and in print advertising for Gatorade.Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman returned as permanent judges and Cat Deeley returned to host.Mary Murphy stepped down from her judging position, but guest judged during Las Vegas week and made an appearance at the finale.‘s Ashley Galvan slowly crept her way into contention — until a fractured rib kept her from advancing further in the competition. The injury is a fractured rib to my ninth rib, actually. Actually, doing hip-hop and the quickstep kind of made it heal. And then learning the disco with Robert kind of threw it out again, with all the lifts. Shortly after leaving the show, the contemporary dancer rang up EW to talk about her injury, whether she’ll be coming back next year, and of course, reveal the lucky fella she’s in love with. It’s weird not waking up early or dancing by this time. I really don’t know what the cause of it was, but I do know that I really have never been partnered so much. I felt a lot better, because it wasn’t a lot of partnering. Did you know last night that you were going to be sent home? At first, I didn’t know that I was going to be sent home until I talked to the doctors and they had told me that I greatly needed four to six weeks of rest.

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