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If you are familiar with Rickenbacker truss rod covers, you can usually find something different or odd on close inspection of a fake one.Manufacturers and brand names you may find on older copies of the 4001 include: Ibanez, Univox, Aria, Bradley, Electra, CMI, Giannini, Greco Guitar, Hondo, Hoya, M Sigma, Mann, Jolana, Penco, Seville and a few others.Some of the copies look much closer to the real 4001 than others. There are manufacturers that have made bass guitar copies and some that still make bass guitars that do not intend to be exact copies but still infringe on the 4000 body style.There are some that still make copies that look somewhat close to a 4001 or 4003.

I've never seen a copy of a 2000 or 3000 series bass, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.Some of the faker brand names have their name of the headstock rather that the truss rod cover.Some people will make or buy a fake truss rod cover to try to sell their used fake as a real Rickenbacker.There is one manufacturer that makes a bass guitar that closely resembles the Rickenbacker 600 series guitars.Since I discourage buying and selling of these instruments, I will not publish the names of these makers that continue to make copies.

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