Rhian ramos dating jc de vera

Grace Lee, Mark Bautista and Luis Alandy of GMA 7; Lino Cayetano and Carmina Villaroel of ABS-CBN 2; and JC de Vera and Miriam Quiambao of TV5 are just some of the artists joining the activity.“Run United 2” will be held from June 12 to 16 at Block 51, 9th Ave.Aubrey’s brother-in-law, KC Montero, is currently dating Mo’s ex, Rhian Ramos. Here are Aubrey/ Troy’s and Mo’s sides of the story. “It’s getting kind of tiring but at the same time, I understand how it becomes news because these things are happening on social media.

This time it’s between Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero on one side and DJ Mo Twister on the other.After a few of those statements of hers, I then tweeted something she and Troy assumed was about her again and Troy tweeted me. We grew up together in this business; for him to just disappear … However ugly it gets from here, it still is a shame that I lost two good friends.” Aubrey’s turn “I don’t know what Mo’s problem is. I think he saw my tweets to Rhian about an issue na hindi ko naman alam kung ano at sino.He appeared very displeased at this whole thing, understandably. Basta nag-comment lang ako innocently na, ‘Sino yon? Then Mo started tweeting about me cheating daw on Troy, blah blah blah.Soon after, he appeared in the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival movie Shake, Rattle & Roll XV, alongside Erich Gonzales.In 2015, he starred in the romantic horror film Halik sa Hangin with Julia Montes and Gerald Anderson.

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