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Treatment approaches used with schizophrenia are usually a mixture of therapies.

The different approaches are chosen to reduce the symptoms and lessen the chances of the symptoms to return to the individual with the illness.

There are subtypes to Schizophrenia, and paranoid schizophrenia is when being preoccupied with delusions or hallucinations, generally with cases of persecution or grandiosity (Myers, 2007). Patients with negative symptoms are usually quite, toneless voices, expressionless faces, and rigid bodies.

Inappropriate behaviours are usually governed by the positive symptoms, and the absences of appropriate behaviours are the negative symptoms (Myers, 2007).

They are programs that help patient’s social skills and vocational training.

There are a variety of programs for the rehabilitation that are, vocational counselling, job training, finance management, public transportation, and social skills.

Patients will have difficulties in communication, self-care, motivation, and maintaining relationships.At the beginning of the film Nash starts his career at Princton University as a mathematics graduate student where he was well known for his intelligence.Nash is an arrogant, awkward socially-inept mathematics student, who spent most of his time making an effort to discover a revolutionary equation in mathematics.There are about nine therapy approaches: Medication treatment, Antipsychotic Medication list, Psychosocial Treatments, Rehabilitation, Individual Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Family Education, Self-help Groups, and Community and Social Support (Franklin, 2004).Antipsychotic medications have been used since the 1950's.

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