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So this is for all of you out there currently working on your portfolios! If you’ve not revalidated before, attend a workshop.This will help enormously in getting you started, especially if you’ve been putting it off like me.Annotating your evidence can be a great way to show the judging panel what you are achieving or trying to achieve within your work. If you have a hectic home life you will never find the time. If you don’t then the process will just go on and on and on and you will never end up submitting your portfolio/evidence.I am currently revalidating my chartership and I am still changing my mind about what submit as evidence but I know I have a deadline to work to! You may as well get the credit you deserve for all of your hard work!

Whilst I wasn’t as quick as some of my fellow workshop attendees (who submitted their portfolio at the end of the session!

You are already assembling your evidence everyday in your day to day work. Then, look At the PKSB (Professional Knowledge and Skills Base).

The VLE is so user friendly to record everything and if you are struggling then CILIP are always on hand to help as well as other librarians who use it regularly of course. This document is for you to monitor and record what you do!

Modify the proxy Settings in IE to use one of the 2 methods to set the proxy.

Dynamic or Static Proxy Dynamic - The "Use Automatic configuration Script" uses a predefined file to apply firewall settings and exceptions to machines.

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