Recovering after dating a borderline

Because there have been periods of extreme openness, honesty, humanity and thoughtfulness during the relationship, and even during the break-ups, your “BPD” partner’s concerns are very credible in your eyes.

But your “BPD” partner also has the rather unique ability to distort facts, details, and play on your insecurities to a point where fabrications are believable to you.

As a result we often misinterpret our partners' actions and some of our own.

Your partner may emotionally discard you or become abusive and leave you to feel confused and broken-hearted.

You will also come to realize that someone coming out of an extended intense and traumatic relationship is often depressed and can not see things clearly.

You may feel anxious, confused, and you may be ruminating about your BPD partner. You may even be indulging in substance abuse to cope.2) Belief that your BPD partner feels the same way that you feel If you believe that your BPD partner was experiencing the relationship in the same way that you were or that they are feeling the same way you do right now, don’t count on it.

Rationally, you most likely understand that leaving is the healthiest thing you can do now, yet your emotional attachment is undeniable.

You find yourself hopelessly trapped by your own desires to rekindle a relationship that you know isn't healthy, and in fact, may not even be available to you.

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