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There’s a lot of heartfelt questions and compliments, and then there’s also …

they want to know the little stuff: ‘The fly with chopsticks – how did that work?

You know, could work in television, like I mentioned. And then popping around the country here and there, and doing things like this. The fans really enjoy it, and I’ll try to bring attention to it to bring more people to come on out.

I hear the venue’s a pretty big venue, so we have to fill that up.”Let me sort of wrap this up. And I read The New York Times article about “A Room of My Own,” and you had a wonderful quote in there about being “wistful for a childhood that’s not there anymore.” And that struck me – I’m your age, so I’m going through that as well. Like you said, you have a frozen-in-time image of your youth on film.

And I think that makes it really rich for the fans that come and pay to get a ticket and stuff like that. It works on the single mom/kid trying to make ends meet, moving to a fish out of water. You know, and it works on just all of us going through turbulent adolescent times and having that sort of mythical, magical human Yoda in the Mr.

But describe it to me: How much and quick and how impactful was it on your career? listen, that summer of ’84, when this movie came out -- it changes your life. you represent someone’s childhood, and a character from his childhood.“So from back then, from the summer of ’84, through to today, it’s connected with me in some way, shape or form. They say ‘No, no, he had to have a kid and help his kid navigate what’s good.’ Whatever you want it to be.“I don’t have the …

It’s nice to kind of share.“So some of these theaters are starting to do this and I believe it’s been successful. Well, listen, adolescent kid doesn’t always do everything right.”[Laughs]“Blameless meaning some of it was his fault? I think if I get beat up once or twice, I wouldn’t keep rubbing salt in the wounds of the bad guys. Yeah, I know it’s kind of funny to see all these years later these conspiracy theories that – even [the TV show] ‘How I met Your Mother’ did a whole thing on how Larusso won with an illegal kick [laughs] and it was one of the most disastrous film endings in history. They can talk about things you did 32 years ago and it still puts a smile on peoples’ faces, that’s a good thing.”As part of the program, you do a Q and A. “It’s moderated, which is always nice, ‘cause otherwise it becomes a free-for-all of the same questions. people just want to know my relationship with Pat Morita [who played Mr.

Miagi], because it was special – special on-screen.

“Yeah, ‘Lost Cat Carona,” they’re just finishing up the editing process, and it’s a really charming film. I don’t know when the release date is, but that’s what I’m starting to talk about.“I also did another one with Paul Sorvino’s daughter, Mira Sorvino – Academy Award winner.

It’s sort of farcical – it’s like a Woody Allen-style film; takes place in Carona, Queens – 24 hours in the life of this guy who accidentially on purpose lets his wife’s cat out of the house and has to find it. Geena Gershon is in it, David Zayas from [Showtime’s] ‘Dexter,’ who played Angel Baptise, he’s a great guy. We did a film called ‘Dog and Pony Show.’ You know, it’s for kinds – it’s for families.

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