Rainie yang and kingone dating

TAIPEI - Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang has blown off a report about her secret marriage to Chinese singer Li Ronghao, saying it is a "scary" Hungry Ghost Festival story.

Next Magazine said today that Yang, 31, and Li, 30, had obtained marriage certificates in Beijing at the end of July. It's the seventh Chinese month now, is it a newsbreak from the underworld...scary! "The point is, I'm not married, although I'm fainting from seeing the report, but thank you for your concern." (In Mandarin, "married" and "fainting" are homonyms.) Yang's and Li's agents also denied the secret marriage story.

These rumors first came about when Li Rong Hao posted an intimate picture of him and Rainie with their faces touching, but their agencies released a statement that they are just “friends”.

I have been watching from C-Drama to K-Drama and now T-Drama.

And his pairing with Lorene Ren (任容萱) despite their age gap is a perfect match.

Apart from the lovely OTP couple in I love travelling and exploring the world, see things from the lense of my camera....

Kingone Wang (王傳一) is one of my favourite Taiwanese Actor.

Several years ago, I was recommended to watch Why Why Love where Kingone Wang starred alongside with Rainie Yang and Mike He.

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