Radgridview rowvalidating windows validating tool

Your application will open to Main and, thanks to the Telerik Visual Studio extensions, the namespace telerik will already have been created in the XAML heading as shown in Example 1.

Drag Rad Grid View from the toolbox onto the design surface.

In Example 8, you'll modify the code from Example 7 to change the extension from “xls” to “htm” and change the name of the extension to HTML. string extension = "htm"; Save File Dialog dialog = new Save File Dialog() ; When you run the program and save the files to Employees.htm, the result is an HTML table that you can display in a browser as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10: When you run Example 8, the data is in an HTML table that you can view in a browser.

If you want to remove grouping, hover over the column heading in the Grouped by area and click the X to remove it, as shown in Figure 7.

To begin, open Visual Studio and click on the Telerik menu option.Rad Grid View also allow you to reorder your columns using drag and drop, as shown in Figure 8, which shows dragging the ID column to a new position.Figure 8: Clicking the ID column and moving it after the Name column will cause Rad Grid View to group by the Is Complete and Due Date columns and within that, sort by Name.Similarly, change the event handler code in Example 8 to Text and you save a text file as seen in Figure 11 and if you change the event handler code in Example 8 to CSV you get a comma separated values file as shown in Figure 12.Figure 11: The event handler code in Example 8 changed to Text.

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