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For that reason, they surround themselves with friends and family that are just as reserved. That's right another superstar, whose private life we even know less about than the Spanish-American singer. When I go back home, and I'm home, I want to make sure that whatever happens in my house is just for me and my loved ones that are with me right there, I need that."Enrique and Anna know what it takes to make it work because let's be honest, a 16-year relationship in the spotlight is indeed praiseworthy.The two have toured for over seven years together, and they seem to make it work. We hang out every once in a while, too.," Enrique explained to Access Hollywood. This story was originally published on December 14, 2017, at AM PST.Fast forward to present day, and the two live a seemingly quiet life on a private island in Miami Beach.

They're so great, they even hid an entire pregnancy and birth of twins. News confirms that the couple welcomed twins over the weekend, a boy and a girl.

Women get to set rules for who can view them on the app, such as “Only men I smile at”, or “Only men I have mutual friends with”.

Don’t worry, fellas – we strongly believe that if Radar is an app that women like to use, you’ll want to use it too.

Perfect for afternoon boat rides which seem to be one of the couple's favorite things to do. That back and forth went back several times until Montoya picked up on Enrique's comedic way to avoid having to answer the question.

We also realized that Enrique and Anna are just like us after, the "Duele El Corazón" singer described how he spends his downtime. Eventually, they both laughed, and Enrique went off camera to say hello to someone, but the lingering question remained unanswered.

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