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Pence: Ken Page is a psychotherapist in private practice, a popular blogger on Psychology Today and author of the best selling book, Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy.

He offers research-backed ways to find a match that will last.

Sometimes it is because their mother or father had an…Therapy for Self Esteem When used in a psychological context the term self-esteem refers to an individual’s overarching sense of self-worth or simply how they value themselves.

Self esteem involves a combination of beliefs about oneself, including emotions, behavior and…Online Group Meets every Thursday in May!

Well the odds of approaching a search for love in that way are just about the odds of a Las Vegas slot machine – they’re not really good.

And what I found is, the ways we search for love really determine the kind of love we find. We search expecting instant attraction and if it doesn’t happen then he or she must not be “the one.” Page: People are presented with these kind of, misty eyed over romanticized images of what love looks like and what love should look like – falling in love at first glance, these passionate sort of immediate experiences of just deeply falling in love and people measure themselves against these kind of over romanticized notions.

A noted psychologist explains research showing most users take the wrong approach when seeking a good match online, and discusses how they can better their odds of finding true love. Ken Page: It’s a time when people are really thinking about being in a relationship if they’re not already and what that means.

Depending on your particular needs and location, you may…Depression Depression is very common--nearly 30 million Americans suffer from depression.

Typically someone who has depression will report sadness, pessimism, feelings of worthlessness, low energy and a lack of pleasure in daily life.

And Valentines Day really highlights that and sometimes in a really painful way, because everyone’s making such a fuss about relationships right and left.

So it leaves people with an empty feeling and many people want to try to find a relationship by Valentines.

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