Private dating services san francisco

There are 50 pictures of couples lining her desk, walls and end table. Winer, who declines to reveal her age, runs Introductions by Marsha, a 24-year-old matchmaking company.

All you do is write a check and she'll take care of everything else." When Maximova was running the company solo, she brought in 0,000 of business a year.

Perfect Search accepts all clients who are willing to pay a minimum of ,500 a year.

While traditional matchmakers tend to pair paying clients with each other, with Perfect Search, only the men pay a fee.

Her agents, who work on commission, can expect to earn 0,000 a year.

Maximova envisions expanding Perfect Search's presence to every city and becoming the of personal headhunting. She's full of energy," says Soniyah Singh, 30, national coordinator and an agent for Perfect Search.

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