Porsha stewart dating are michael cera and charlene yi dating

And he's even apparently got plans to buy her a pricey home in Atlanta!

We just hope she knows where that money is coming from…but considering she didn't know what the underground railroad was, we won't hold our breath.

UPDATE: We've heard from Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue's rep that he is NOT dating Porsha.

Porsha Dyanne Williams (born June 22, 1981), also known by her former married name Porsha Stewart, is an American television personality, model, actress and singer.

Moore later threatened to quit the series if Williams was to remain, commenting that "we've become angry with each other, we've threatened each other and gone to the edge.The reported text messages accuse Stewart of being abusive, though Williams has said on this season, we saw Williams pushing her man to possibly be her baby daddy, but he wanted to take things slow in that department.Recently, Williams has said they are figuring things out when it comes to their future in that area and she told In Touch: On the show this season, Stewart tells Williams he got in trouble at work over posts on social media with his woman.All the attention he was getting, Stewart said his job gave him an ultimatum. , but we don't think the show is ready to bring on a corrupt dictator!

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