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While they weren't always stronger than the regular ones, that meant more potential bad surprises and more things to watch out for."By the way, there's been something else I wanted to ask about…""Sure, what is it? Don't get me wrong, I know it's only a rumor, but I wanted to know if you were actually interested in Chie-senpai or Yukiko-senpai.""…""Senpai? And now they had to deal with a 'Rise' who wanted to reveal everything.

""…Sorry, you just caught me off-guard.""O-Ok.""To be honest… It's been almost three month since we've become friends. I just hope this won't get any crazier than in the sauna but considering that show…"Souji nodded to himself in affirmation. First it was 'Yukiko' who wanted to score a 'hot stud'. Now that he thought about it, Souji wondered if the Shadow manifestations of people were all perverted.

The nurse chuckled at his reaction as she stepped away."Eh eh, did I scare you?

And since Shadows were excited whenever a Persona-user was around…

And thinking about it, Souji thought it would probably be a good idea to make sure Kou didn't hear about it."Well, good night Souji.""Good night Chie."Perhaps it would be best to go to sleep early tonight. Not that he disliked them, but each of them asking them the same thing? The situation with Teddie was not expected, but they managed well with the idol's support Today was a day off and Souji had called the girls for a cooking lesson. "He turned his head to see what Yosuke was staring at: the table.

Hopefully, the first lesson would finally take place and he wouldn't need to go the hospital. And Yosuke and Kanji also were also with the girls."Yo Souji! Sprawled on it were his school notes he had taken downstairs."That?

If it happens someday, I'll think about it more, but for now…""Oh, alright. ""I'm pretty sure I can get the info we need for Teddie tomorrow.""Phew, good… Yosuke's Shadow wasn't on that pattern but still…"Alright then. Try not to get poisoned before we save her, alright?

Souji Seta wondered why he had allowed this to happen. He opened his eyes…And saw the very familiar face of Sayoko Uehara right in front of him."Whoa! I saw you moving so I decided to have a little fun…"Souji started to calm down.

I mean, even if it was an accident, it had to take skill to make something that bad. One of the waitresses from the inn was here, comforting Amagi. Souji just needed to wait for the girls to arrive."Where are they anyway? Doesn't that mean that they care about you, at least? First of all, how the heck didn't he recognize the guy for he was: a fanboy of Rise? The fact that he was climbing a pole to use his camera, which had nothing to do with kidnapping people, had been another.

And even if one of them made a mistake, they'd still probably argue that they didn't do anything wrong.""I'm sure about this. His superiors wouldn't be happy, since he ran off during work hours, but he had no time to explain. The ambulance had already left, but he wanted to check if anyone was in the house before going to the hospital. Satonaka was standing near her friend, looking equally distressed."I'm here. " Another look around the room confirmed that someone he expected to see wasn't here. "Kanji got up and walked to him."She said she wanted to go with senpai, so Yosuke went with her.""I see… Second, why didn't he just ask someone to stay back just in case?

Before he could manage to return to an upright position, he started to feel sick. As soon as the idea passed though his mind, he felt his stomach rebel. But before that, he had a very important task to finish. Nanako wouldn't leave senpai, no matter what, so Yosuke went with her.""I… Apparently, Souji was more stubborn than any of them had given him credit for. But that makes me wonder, how good are you at cooking? This, of course, only made Sayoko smile even wider."You're so fun to tease! But I really would like to try your cooking someday."Sayoko left after that.

His arms suddenly were weak and his vision was shaky. Whatever he had swallowed did not agree with his body. Gathering his energy, he moved, despite his body pleading to just stay lying down. He knew the fridge had one, but that wouldn't be enough for the curry."Senpai? see." Dojima said, glancing at the curry at the center of the situation. We were busy at the time so we didn't pay attention to what they were doing. Souji left for home immediately after her, thinking about his future plans on the way. It would be a hard and long road, but he was more determined than ever to teach Yukiko and Chie to cook.

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