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I've heard the rumors for years yet nothing substantial.It's up there with Rod The Mod Stewart's ten pounds of scum in his stomach urban legand that went around for years. On the other hand, fellow Scientologist Travolta pings to high heaven.But pretty much every other gay person, whether effeminate, masculine, straight acting, closeted, etc., the entire spectrum eventually has something that reads as being gay.

I've always had this feeling that her career may have suffered for her indiscretion back then. If he could clone himself he would have his perfect lover and best friend all wrapped up into one "perfect" package.I'm always reading here that he is gay as if it is a fact, but where's the evidence?All I see is a list of relationships with women going back many years.I agree with posters that TC's weirdness is on the Michael Jackson scale; for that there is plenty of evidence. But if it's declared "obvious" on the DL for long enough, well, then it becomes fact. Rumors about Tom Cruise's sexuality go way beyond DL. FYI--Tom Cruise has used a Scientology approved soundboard for his vocals on all of his films spanning back a couple of decades-- yeah, to get rid of the gayvoice. Not to mention dozens of rumors of Cruise with male prostitutes, his wrestling fetish, his affair with Newman during the Color of Money (where Newman turned him on to race car driving and gave him advice about "discretion" because Cruise wasn't being very discrete), his marriage contracts with Kidman and Holmes, his list of bi/lesbian/ desperate actresses to beard for him including Scarlett Johanssen who got the hell out of the Scientology Center when she realized she was not auditioning for a role in a movie. Maybe we think he is gay because deep down he is commiting action that seem gay: the need for approval, the desire to be taken seriously, the hiding of the open wound, and the need to be right. Rent boy culture has always been virulently homophobic, which is peculiar when you think about it.It's practically a running joke in mainstream pop culture that Cruise is a major closet case. There's the fact that he posed for beefcake pictures early in his career that appeared in gay rags. Not one, but two male prostitutes came forward about their exploits with Tom. And it still is - look at JDMA and all those fag bashing male models.

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