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If you’re lucky, it progresses to a real date, but then your partner might look nothing like your partner. Pass the first bar and you’ll meet in-person with a Dating Ring matchmaker for five minutes.They’ll assess your style and open the ability to go on group dates with three men and three women (or a group of four for gay users).Vidpresso – Replacing TV Station Hardware With Software TV broadcasters currently use racks of expensive, single-purpose hardware to run their on-screen graphics, tickers and ads. But Vidpresso’s 0 a month software can run off a cheap Mac Mini, saving stations tons of money.CNN already used Vidpresso to power its social media ticker during its New Year’s Eve broadcast, has other clients around the world, and is growing 26 percent per month.

But Code Combat has baked programming education into a classic swords ‘n’ magic role-play game.

Pushbullet is now handling 10 million notifications a day for 100,000 weekly users and 60,000 daily users.

Push is quickly becoming the most powerful way to reach people and is eating email’s lunch.

The Dating Ring certainly made a stir when it announced plans to crowdfund planes full of women to be delivered from New York City to lonely San Francisco guys.

The Dating Ring’s revenue is growing 60 percent per month for the last six months, it’s profitable, and 70 percent of users go on a second date.

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