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They never really get to see the traditional Thailand and, therefore, they never really appreciate that Thailand is actually a conservative country.

The last thing that a decent, honest Thailand woman would want anyone to think is that she might be a sex-worker.

This refers to the typical forlorn soul that has decided to end it all by throwing himself off his high-rise condominium balcony!

I easily make I am Lynn from Thailand, I visited Hawaii once last month and fall in love with Hawaii and the people there would love to go back there again, I am looking for my Soulmate, hope it could be you! This is particularly true in traditional out-of-town areas where Western people are more of a rarity.The reason why this is the case is because many local people in these areas will readily assume that any woman that marries a Western man must have met him whilst working as a bar-girl i.e. Many visitors to Thailand only ever get to see the tourist areas where nightlife, fast living and fast women are commonplace.Thai dating does not have to be that way; there are also many successful stories of true-love out there.The trick is to make sure that you go about things in the right way.

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