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Recent trends have seen today's young women donning tights up and down the color spectrum, (even under shorts), leggings are often worn as a substitute for proper pants, and we've even seen the integration of the "jegging" into everyday vocabulary.

and leg-wear sometimes, but otherwise you can easily tell I'm a guy.

A more lenient dress code even has Generation Jonesers bidding adieu to the once female fashion staple.

Beside bearing her arms for her portrait, First Lady Michelle Obama even stated on The View, "I stopped wearing pantyhose a long time ago because it was painful and they'd always's inconvenient." Last month, a blogger for Huff/Post50 shared with us her woes following an attempt to excavate stores for what seems to be the now extinct species of the control top pantyhose.

Nonetheless, L'eggs is pushing ahead with modernization; they've ditched the old slogan ("Nothing beats a great pair of L'eggs") for a new one ("You're In Luck.

You're In L'eggs") and have even taken up a social media presence and launched a sweepstakes.

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