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If so, this is more about self-preservation and a potential ego boost, than it is about really and truly wanting to make a committed relationship work with someone.Again (and yes, it is definitely worth repeating) you want to be honest with yourself about why you feel the need to try again. Unless you can clearly state all the ways that you (and your ex) won’t fall back into the same old, bad habits that lead to a break up in the first place, revisiting your relationship won’t be worth it.Just like with any dating scenario, there is never a black or white, right or wrong answer to anything.People are complex and complicated, just like dating, so what works for one couple may not work for another.Maybe, for lack of a better term, you just miss them.With the Holiday Season basically here and family functions and work parties to attend, this time of year and get lonely and looking backwards can seem like a positive, forward move.What one person might find attractive, another may consider a turn off.So, while we don’t like working with platitudes, we can tell you that dating an ex is risky business. So before you decide to pull someone out of your past, answer these questions first: Why Did You Break Up? If there were fundamental – and ultimately fatal -flaws in your relationship that time has somehow smoothed over, going back for round two won’t change them.

You don’t have to wait forever, but definitely wait to talk long-term until you start to feel a deeper connection with someone and you know you’re on the same page (or at least the same chapter).

Yes, people do grow and evolve, but that doesn’t mean that two people who didn’t work, can suddenly work. So if you think about the reasons you broke up with your ex and you put the majority of the blame on them, why would you want to go back to them anyway?

Nostalgia is a tricky thing, and can make even the worst of times seem happy and pleasurable.

You know the saying: People aren’t above change and evolving into better version of themselves, but that does require work and a plan of action.

It is easy to fall back into old routines that may have been more hurtful than helpful. The only one who can know for sure is you, but that requires an acute and honest knowledge of yourself and your past relationship.

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