Otaku dating advice

These otaku are usually interested in PCs because of a primary interest in video gaming or online gaming and are therefore motivated to get speed and video quality that a commercially available computer just can’t provide.Everyone at one time or another can remember back to childhood crushes in the past!Sword Art Online’s Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki are one of anime’s most famous examples of a couple that display this and provide themselves as an example of what genuine lovers should look like.Even as I start dating, I keep on seeing myself looking back at the protagonists of Sword Art Online and finding relationship goals that I desire to imitate with my girlfriend.Manga is a multi-billion dollar industry in Japan and one of the most common obsession among otaku.This is partly because it’s so easy to find a manga to indulge your personal interests, no matter how niche – for example, war stories for Anime otaku are anime enthusiasts who enjoy collecting and watching anime.Otaku are enthusiasts with strong, specific interests.

For Kirito, he found himself constantly in this scenario where he would be listening to his wife and have no idea what to do.While a lot of people might enjoy watching anime, otaku take it to another level and are viewed even nerdier than their manga-loving counterparts.Some people become more obsessed with a certain aspect of anime than others, leading to other types of fan obsession like figurine collecting. These fans have an interest in the voice actors and actresses who work on their favorite shows.Listening is exactly what it means: listening to the other person!In our anime couple’s relationship, Asuna Yuuki has a lot of emotional problems that come from being trapped inside the death game she lives in: fear of watching her husband die right before her eyes, anxieties of fighting tougher monsters on higher floors, and abandoning the front lines to stay with her lover forever.

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