Orthodox christian rules for dating my teenage daughter

In the Orthodox Church each wedding is a form of Coronation Service.

Since the Bride and Groom are regarded as part of the In short, both they and the actual office of marriage are given great honour.

The couple stands facing the Priest and the Royal Door of the Holy Altar; the Groom on the right; the Bride on the left. The Betrothal Service with the official Blessing of the Rings, and 2.

The Marriage Service with the Crowning of the Bride and Groom The Marriage Service is called “ “Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages”.

The rite is performed by a Priest who stands before an appropriately covered ceremonial table.

It is placed in the middle of the Soleas area of the church, in front of the Holy Altar.

The wedding was initially performed as a blessing within the frame of the divine liturgy, to indicate the ecclesial dimension of the event.

The idea, ultimately, of both the order of the service and the traditional literature (worth mentioning here St John Chrysostom’s homilies dedicated to marriage) is that without spiritual progress there is no accomplished married life.

In our tradition, consequently, love is never treated lightly as merely ‘natural’ or an ephemeral event of chemical reactions.

The synaxis of love manifests a mystery of divine-human interaction, on the one hand through the mutual affection and agreement of the groom and the bride, and on the other hand through the blessing they receive from above.

They remain joined throughout the remainder of the Service symbolizing the “oneness” of the couple.

The Crowning The Crowning Ceremony is the climax of the Marriage Service.

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