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Nothing about it seems organic, however smooth the conversation may be.

You’re so busy assessing and overthinking that it’s a challenge to live in the moment with the other person, which is also due to the fact they were virtually a stranger an hour prior.

Before sending the singles out digging for love, she gave the women a crash course in farming – just in case their green thumbs had somewhat faded.

“What I find is if you go to bars, you don’t really know what people’s interests are,” he said.

“You can’t really walk into a bar and complain about climate change or peak oil without having people look at you weird.” (MORE: Single on Valentine’s Day?

You carefully decide the location for your first date, which we all know is usually more reminiscent of a job interview than any sort of romantic interaction.

You may have a one-drink rule as you sit there and inevitably assess the other on whether they meet your expectations, standards, and checklist of requirements (and if they don’t, you can easily move onto the next with one swipe).

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