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Japanese police say that there are many such sites in Japan.

In 1998, a Tokyo woman shuffled off this mortal coil with potassium cyanide bought from an Internet suicide service.

To enroll online, you will need an email address and regular access to an Internet-connected computer. If you do not have an email address or regular access to an Internet-connected computer, please call the enrollment team at 800-382-6010 to enroll.

The process will follow stages 1 through 4, as described above.

More information will be available regarding next steps after March 31.

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Edward Frank Manuel, 55, of Houston, apparently arranged to strangle the Wisconsin woman during sex, place a yellow rose on her chest and then bury her in a Texas forest.

If the school does not exceed its enrollment limit, no lottery is required.

You will then be able to continue enrolling your student.

The woman agreed to meet Manual at Houston bus terminal, where police swooped on him and his car, which contained yellow roses and "a device for strangling".

Who exactly alerted the authorities is unclear, although the "victim" attended the rendezvous as part of a planned police operation.

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