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Aventa Med, a spin-out company from Cork Institute of Technology, was set up by co-founders Olive O’Driscoll and John Vaughan in 2013 to find a method of inserting ear grommets in children without requiring general anaesthetic.

The insertion of grommets is used to treat recurring ear infections and hearing loss in children and adults, and is one of the most common surgeries carried out on children worldwide.

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This direct angel investment leveraged a further €20.6m of additional public and private funds into these companies from organisations such as Enterprise Ireland, venture capital companies, and founders.

This week saw a significant record broken for HBAN.

“We saw a significant increase in angel investment last year — rising more than 25% from €10.8m in 2015 to €13.6m.

That is because we only introduce angels to high-potential businesses like Aventa Med that we have identified as having the ability to scale internationally.

Your chances of meeting someone are far higher if they can see a few photos of you. Give a detailed but brief account of yourself to give the people looking at your profile an idea of the real you.It is a great way to meet men that you otherwise may never have crossed paths with.Here are a few tips to get you up and online dating now: There are many dating websites out there to choose from. If you’re serious about finding a relationship, you will have better luck on a site that you pay for.It announced a €1.8m investment in Cork-based medtech company, Aventa Med.The investment — which includes €1.6m angel funding, the largest single HBAN angel investment to date —will fund Aventa Med through FDA clearance and commercialisation of its solo tympanostomy tube device, which enables the quick and simple insertion of ear grommets.

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