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Unlike chat, which takes place in ‘real time,’ online discussion postings are archived and remain online (unless they are removed by the discussion’s moderator, for example) and can be read by anyone, if the discussion group is a public one and by any of the members, if the community is a private one.You should always follow the basic rules for online safety and Netiquette (online etiquette).Starting off by with chatting with her friends, Cheryl then tried to explore her untrodden world of chat, that is chatting with random people and stuff.She realized two things almost immediately: that it could get really addictive, and the chat rooms were cool.With any face to face meeting, you should tell someone where you are going, take someone with you and arrange to meet in daylight in a public place (like the mall). Wandering around with your phone in plain view can be dangerous.if you are not using it, put it in your pocket or your bag, out of sight and only use it in public when absolutely necessary.

Respect others Think about how a text message might be read, before you send it.

:: IM) to send and receive messages and/or files and images, is very similar to using e-mail or SMS messaging and some of the same safety rules apply.

Your instant messaging program can be a direct link between you and spammers, scammers, identity thieves, online predators and cyberbullies.

So it is absolutely impossible to point out to one online chat room.

That is why I have mentioned the chat websites having multiple chat rooms for 'netizens' to choose from.

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