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) with labels (so for example chili packaged in glassware or jars and cornbread wrapped in parchment and a ziplock will be packaged separately then bagged together). Stand alone items (snacks, desserts, soups etc) will be in a different area.

I’ll label my freezer shelves and spaces with stickers designating areas for each type of item.

One dish meals, hearty enough not to drip off the spoon will be on my list. Plenty of one-handed snacks like beef jerky, granola bars, muffins, quiche slices and more will be tidily tucked in the nooks of my freezer and pantry.

I’m also taking advice from my tribe, the mothers I know who may have ideas and advice I had not thought of.

These meals would be great to do as part of a freezer swap, or to take along to a family with a new baby or to someone undergoing a significant hardship or change.

Or they would be great for your own postpartum planning (or even just to make busy days a little easier).

How I’m choosing meals: Since this is my second, I know what meals I will crave…

I spent a ton of energy and time planning last time for postpartum, and will do even more next time.I plan on making 2-4 things to freeze per week as our budget allows.I try to fit in some inexpensive dishes with more expensive ones.Imagine feeding yourself and your family nutritious, nourishing, delicious homemade meals for a whole month or more – without having to cook! It can be done – you just need to take some time to prepare.I’ve been happy when I have just a week’s worth of homemade meals in the freezer but one of my goals is to improve my own meal planning so that my family can eat better even though our kids have activities right around dinner time several days a week.

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