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In Circles, which is embedded for testing here, operates similarly but is optimized for blog sidebars.Others Online and incorporate surfing habits to connect users of similar interests. Others Online focuses on connecting people who frequent the same websites and have similar profiles, listing similar users in drop-down menus.While voice and video does not lend itself to simultaneous conversations many IM users carry on, rich media integration brings a subtleness and depth absent from text-based IM.Company: Userplane Founded: 2001 Location: Los Angeles What is it?

Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger announced interoperability this summer. Services like Meebo and e Buddy have developed richer user interfaces by using AJAX and bridging chat protocols.

Messenger have expanded their use in chat programs. support calling to land lines and mobile phones (Skype is free until the end of the year).

Pal Talk creates voice chat rooms that can host conversations between thousands of people together at once.

Chat service Scribble Here currently works with Open ID. Contextual Chat Several new start-ups have popped up and changed the context of instant messaging from buddy lists to websites and interests.

While similar to the old IRC chat rooms by basing conversations around topics, companies like Me.dium, Geesee, the newly launched In Circles, Others Online, and 3bubbles have incorporated your location on the web into chat in different degrees.

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