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You need to develop a fraternization policy, publicize it, and then enforce it.

The specifics of a fraternization (or non-fraternization) policy for your company will depend on your company's culture and industry, the laws of your location, and good managerial decisions about what you want to accomplish.

(If they don't decide, you must be prepared to make the decision, and document the business purpose behind it.)Once you have developed your policy, publish it to all employees.

Give a copy to all new employees as part of their new employee orientation.

However, there are instances where they are inappropriate and may be harmful to the company and its interest.We spend a third or more of our lives in the office or other places of work.It is a non-threatening environment where we have an opportunity to meet potential dating partners and learn more about them than just what they look like.Most have since abandoned that plan, because of legal restrictions and a recognition of the inevitable.Instead, most now try to restrict such activities that are harmful to the business.

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