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Together, they recorded the Malick-penned songs "New York City", "Strange Transmissions", and "Deceptively Yours", along with covers of "All Your Love" (Sam Maghett), and "Heart of Mine" (Bob Dylan).These songs would become the album The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones, New York City (2003).After meeting Jones, Harris started sending her lead sheets of his songs. Less than a year later, she started a band with Harris, and her recordings with them were bestsellers.As artist Peter Malick states in the liner notes, "I started looking for a singer who could record [my latest songs] for me.It was certified Diamond, selling over 27 million copies.

After her parents separated in 1986, Norah lived with her mother, growing up in Grapevine, Texas.

I feel bad for Wong Kar Wai, he could have made a much better film than this, especially with the great talent he had working for him but the script is what killed this film and no amount of great talent could have saved it.

In 2002, Jones launched her solo music career with the release of Come Away with Me, a commercially successful and critically acclaimed album that was a fusion of jazz with country music and pop.

She gave a ride to a band playing at the university whose members happened to be friends of Harris.

He was on a cross-country road-trip with friend and future Little Willies member Richard Julian, and stopped to see the band play.

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