Noisy intimidating neighbours

In any dispute it helps if your behaviour is far better than theirs and you don't lower yourself to their bad behaviour. Beachlands, Maraetai, Whitford: Fourth View Ave, Albacore Way.

- Community Constable Julia Williams Local Crime Statistics AUGUST 1-8BURGLARIESPakuranga: Pigeon Mountain Rd, Dale Cres, Edgewater Dr, Ti Rakau Dr, Gossamer Dr, Paradise Pl, Glenmore Rd, Luton Ave, Meadway.

4: Police will deal with criminal matters, but there is another option of going to your lawyer and taking civil action against your neighbour.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has a free lawyer system and they also have information regarding council bylaws.

5: If you fear or suffer assault or serious property damage, report this to the police immediately.

Having dealt with many disputes between neighbours over the years, more often than not, what starts out as a minor dispute can get out of hand quickly and end up being a full scale "neighbours at war". Flat Bush: Baverstock Rd, Moravale Lane, Ormiston Rd, Woolaston Pl, Baverstock Rd, Vin Alto Dr.

(Course of conduct must involve conduct on at least two occasions)."It should be noted that many of the above are crimes and incidence of violence, suspected drug dealing, racial harassment etc should always be reported to the Police in the first instance. As antisocial behaviour can be difficult to define and although annoying there are some types of behaviour that are not classed as antisocial and may not be investigated by our investigators.

Boundary disputes, mental health issues, dogs and children are also some reasons police are called, and more often than not are civil disputes rather than criminal.For more information please see the websites in related information.There is a link to the 'Help for Victims' website and a Youtube video guide to the website. Everyone has a different idea about what antisocial behaviour means.The term 'antisocial behaviour' covers any kind of nuisance, unreasonable behaviour or harassment.

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