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The 5.2L FPC program contributed to delaying the 5.0 Eco Boost program, but this V8 Twin-Turbo program is now on track again, and will make it’s debut in the next GT5 F-150 Raptor, and could possibly become a second-motor option for the 2017 model year Raptor” We are also told that the new 10-speed automatic transmission that will be found in the 2016 3.5L V6 Eco Boost Raptor will be the same transmission utilized in the V8 Raptor, whether it goes on sale as a 2017 model year, or 2018.“The Raptor will ultimately be a two-motor truck – that was the plan all along – much like you have the option for the Eco Boost V6 or 5.0 V8 in other F-150 models.

It goes on to include one of the core themes of Disney Channel movies — kids figuring out that what they want isn't always what their parents want, and the parents eventually coming to terms with it.

And Mickey Rooney (RIP) plays an elderly movie fan!

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