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He is beginning to wonder whether Ukrainian women might be just as bad as their American counterparts."They have vaginas, and vaginas lie," he says, despairingly.Todd from Delaware, a bread-delivery man who had worked seven night-shifts per week for the past six months to be able to afford the trip, has been taken to a pool club where the bill came to £250.Chris has been taken for an overpriced meal and thinks he saw the waiter give his date a kickback after he had paid the bill.But when they arrived in Odessa, in the vast majority of cases, the women were nowhere to be seen.Some of them turned off their phones, others arranged dates but did not arrive.It becomes clear that the dating scene in Odessa is not all it seems.

The company had £90m of revenue last year, mainly through its prodigiously expensive chat services, where men pay up to £1 per minute to talk with women located across the globe, or up to £10 to send them an email message.

Chris wears a tuxedo and top hat; others wear stiff suits and ties; Darren, from a small town in North Dakota, wears a shellsuit.

Inside, dozens of women await, enjoying a free glass of champagne and branded with white stickers bearing their "ID number".

"I've tried local dating sites but nobody wants to live on a farm," he says.

"I wrote to one lady and said she had nice hair, but she didn't even reply to say thank you." Faced with so many women to choose from at the social, he had no idea where to start. I am not used to being outgoing, or talking to ladies, so I didn't know what to do." Others find it easier: within half an hour, Mohammed from Saudi Arabia has his arms around two women and is throatily growling "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica on a karaoke system.

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