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Get a us military dating site more people on board and maybe you could get your data direct via Mefi?It depends on how particular your task is trying to be, but the other problem after the ethical issue of fake profiles is that they colour the recipients.If your idea is something you can share, you might be able to talk to someone about writing them a perl script or whatever for them to run on data, and only share the results with you, or collaborate with someone because it's fascinating or because it would make good OKtrends fodder?

Thanks to the dating us military and to the mefite who memailed me!However, the words "hey," "baby," and "wazzup" will each occur more frequently than "the" or "and.Interestingly, both the prifile who got messages showed toothy smiles.Here Are the Best Possible Dating Profile Pictures According to Science by [b] Note:[/b] Because of my NLP Practitioner commitments and #domestic abuse, #narcissism, #narcissistic personality disorder, Abusive relationship, adult children of narcissistic abuse', adult children of narcissistic parents, aftermath of narcissistic abuse, anxiety, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, healing, Healing after abuse, mental illness, Socialized psychopaths Tags: abuse, Adult children of narcissistic parents, Brainwashing by a psychopath, bullies, Bullies in the workplace, Bully boss, Emotional manipulation, gaslighting, hostile work environment, Malignant narcissists, manipulation by a narcissist, mental abuse, narcissist, narcissistic parents, Pathological people, psychopaths Pathological bullies walk amongst us, blending into the social groups…charming their captive audiences….forming cult-like followings of underlings that feel empowered by being allowed into the inner or outer circle of the narcissistic charmer…Pathological predators watch you with eyes like a lion…sizing up their prey….planning their next move….figuring out your weaknesses….breaking down your strengths …

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