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Here are four unrealistic expectations a lot of men and women looking for a date have.• A Relationship Will Make Me Happy We aren’t saying relationships are overrated, but believing you’ll find lasting happiness and your life will be complete after being in one is ornamentation nonetheless.

Have you ever heard your male friends describe what they look for in a woman?

Nicholas, 20, who will shortly fly out to Australia for ten months to work on Mad Max 4 with Charlize Theron, told me: ‘It will be tough being away from Victoria but I hope she will visit me.

I also have family and friends coming to stay at certain points during filming, so I won’t get too homesick.’The About A Boy star added: ‘My character is called Nux and I’ve been swatting up by watching the old Mad Max films.

I’m a huge fan of Charlize.’Victoria, 17, is a big star in the US due to her lead role as Tori Vega in the sitcom Victorious.

She said: ‘Ten months is a long time but hopefully I will be able to get out and see Nicholas.

Snow shared this example: You hold the unrealistic expectation “I should be perfect in school.” Inevitably, since this is impossible, you fail.

I’m also busy, working on the next season of my show.” WHAT DO YOU THINK of Victoria and Nicholas coupling up?I'm also busy, working on the next season of my show." WHAT DO YOU THINK of Victoria and Nicholas coupling up?CAST (VOICES) Yuri Lowenthal (Dino Time) Michael Cornacchia (Happy Feet) Adam Wylie (The Smurfs 2) Alexander Polinsky (Teen Titans) Will Wheaton (Powers) Tara Platt (Sailor Moon Crystal) Dave Wittenberg (The Twelve Kingdoms) Andy Milder (Weeds) Keith Ferguson (Legends of Oz) Kari Wahlgren (wolverine and The X-Men) Bumper Robinson (Sabrina: TTW) Shawn Harrison (Family Matters) RECURRING / NOTABLE GUEST CAST Jennifer Hale (Cinderella II) Heather Hogan (8 Simple Rules) David Lodge (Family Guy) Harry Lennix (Man of Steel) Khary Payton (Teen Titans) Billy West (Futurama) The Legion of Super-Heroes of the 31st century traveled back to the early 21st century to try to find Superman for help of against powerful group of super-villains in their era.Actor Nicholas Hoult has been spotted getting up close and personal at Wimbledon with American teenage actress and singer Victoria Justice.The pair were the talk of the Evian VIP enclosure and now I can reveal they have been dating for two months but were desperate to keep it under wraps.

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