My neighbours are intimidating

Not because I don't like my current neighbours: I do. I think that is the root of your problem right there. People get crazy about a piece of sod they've paid for.Either you need calmly to negotiate some terms with your neighbour vis-à-vis this "common area," or - better, I think - stay out of it altogether. Before he died, my old neighbour to the north used to freak out if a single leaf from my yard fell into his. And you should defend yours a bit more, too, sounds like.Her neighbors and passers-by have contacted police too.She claims neighbors are watching and spying on her.However an even bigger reason I hate them is nothing to do with my allergy but more to do with what the little bastards do and leave in my garden.

” or even “My cats are so nice they don’t do that” Both of my neighbours have more than one cat and some of my others neighbours have one cat so we are in somewhat of a cat hotspot, and I am sick of cleaning cat shit out of my garden everyday.Driven to the police station in Hastings, East Sussex, Mr Simou was locked in a cell for seven hours before finally being interviewed.‘The first thing I asked was: “Why am I here?” ’ said Mr Simou.‘The policewoman said that I had been shouting that I was going to kill my neighbours — and that they had called the police.Now what really annoys me even more is that if this was dog doing this I could take legal action against the owner of the dog, but because there is no legislation for cats I have to put up with it.This allergy makes me itch, then my eyes water and then I start to sneeze my head off.

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