Most intimidating ground

What makes a stadium iconic isn’t always down to the events that have been held there.

Nevertheless, the fact that Real Madrid’s home ground has been used to host four different European Cup Finals as well as the final of a World Cup speaks volumes.

Though it’s unlikely that the ball fully crossed the line, a goal was given and England went 3-2 up over their fierce rivals.

The stadium was knocked down in 2002, taking the famed Wembley Twin Towers with it.

The original Wembley opened in 1923 and hosted some of the England national side and English football’s most famous occasions.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for away supporters to sing amusing ditties such as 'is this a library', despite the fact that there are clearly no books around and their own grounds are rarely hives of non-stop noise and activity.

Yet back in the day the home of Liverpool Football Club was one of the most intimidating places to go in world football.

The ground can still be woken up every now and then, with big matches known to cause a rumble that can be heard from nearby Goodison Park.

Somewhat naturally, the iconic stadiums have a distinctly European feel to them.

There are certainly some brilliant football grounds in both North and South America, to say nothing of the likes of Japan or Korea.

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