Mombasa sex girls

“We now have the skills and have learnt that the amount of money a man parts with will determine the kind of pleasure we will offer him.

SOLWODI’s field coordinator in Mombasa, Grace Odembo, told IRIN/Plus News that most of the girls who resorted to sex work were high school drop-outs, which would make it difficult for them to find formal employment.Yet in these very beaches thousands of young Kenyans are now exposing themselves to early pregnancies, HIV/Aids and STIs, all in a span of three merry filled weeks.Breaking News Kenya learnt of this disturbing fact and decided to investigate and find out just how deep this rot has run in Kenya’s version of Brazil’s Copa Cabana beach.“I had no idea of the kind of work my cousin used to do in the beginning; I came to know some few days after my arrival, when she told me she operates as a call girl from the beaches.” Kenya’s coast is one of its most popular tourist destinations: an estimated two million tourists visited Kenya in 2007, many of them heading for the Indian Ocean towns of Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu, where commercial sex work is one of the main ways many women earn money.Before long Wairimu was introduced to the business of selling sex.

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