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He says a 'fusion' of black, white and mixed races would lead to 'Mr and Mrs Average' being mixed race, resulting in people more readily identifying with them.But there could also be a Darwinian explanation, with cross-breeding between diverse genetic backgrounds naturally leading to more genetically 'fit' people who tend to be more attractive.His father Earl Woods was of mixed African American, Chinese and Native American heritage.His mother Kultida Woods (née Punsawad) is originally from Thailand and has Chinese and Dutch ancestry as well as Thai. Although he was born in Hawaii, his mother Ann Dunham is from Kansas and has primarily English heritage.The British regard people of mixed race as the most attractive and successful, say psychologists.Celebrities such as formula one champion Lewis Hamilton, footballer Ryan Giggs and X Factor star Leona Lewis have helped boost the image of mixed race people, according to a new study.Psychological testing found they outstrip people who are white or black in terms of perceived attractiveness, with a rating that far exceeds their representation in British society.Lead researcher Dr Michael Lewis, who carried out the largest study of its kind, believes there may be more than one reason for the cultural shift.

This is a much greater proportion than would be expected based on their representation in British society of around three per cent, said Dr Lewis.His father Barack Obama Senior is a Luo from the Nyanza province of Kenya.Oscar winner is half white British and half Grenadian.Dr Lewis said the popularity of shows like the X Factor, which had featured a high number of talented mixed race contestants also helped.'This could be part of changing attitudes towards black people' he added.

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