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Mike Rashid doesn’t just adhere to the usual training split.

Instead, Rashid focuses on performing to the best of his abilities at all times.

The supplements are a SUPPLEMENT to what you will do on your own!!!

It will help, it will add on to what you are doing.

You just never quite know what you’re going to learn from day to day or week to week.

Just last month the bodybuilding world was put on notice by five time Mr.

The bodybuilding world can be a truly interesting mistress.While Mike Rashid may be known for bodybuilding, his athletic endeavors reach far beyond that.As a multifaceted athlete, the fitness and bodybuilding personality always seeks to push himself in many different athletic endeavors.He is a convicted felon & in 2009 skipped bail on two violent felony cases in the Phoenix area and has been on the run since. Google image search the name Cinque Glendy Phoenix Az & his pictures will show up. v=JAKSqfjmo9s I don't think it's just a random name issue, as Cinque Glendy's music video "Eyes Can See" clearly shows it's Mike Rashid, and the owner of Metroflex said "C. will happily admit to anything in the video." It's not particularly important, I was just curious if any other Miscers had read about this. When I first came across the comments, I downloaded like 3 of his songs. Type in Cinque777 on youtube search & Mike Rashids real identity will come up.

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