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Matteo was a fast learner and proved to his father he had what it took, committing his first murder at aged 18.It was highly likely that after this killing he was fully initiated as a “man of honour” by his father.The old town is dotted with piazzas and churches dating from the 16 century.But behind the sleepy façade, scratch the surface and the presence of the mafia can be felt pervading through all aspects of life here.But on the other side of the spectrum he is known to be an exceptionally callous individual who will not hesitate to use extreme violence, including personal involvement in blood curdling crimes such as strangling an enemy’s pregnant girlfriend to death.The boss of Castelvetrano has been in hiding since he helped to plan the 1993 terrorist bombings on the Italian mainland that was part of Cosa Nostra’s strategy to get the verdict of the disastrous maxi-trial overturned and their men freed from Italian prisons.There is some evidence a proportion of ordinary people genuinely admire him as an anti-hero benefactor providing jobs and patronage to this corner of Sicily.Messina Denaro has been erroneously labelled by the world media as the current the boss of bosses of the Sicilian Mafia but in fact such a position no longer exists after the capture of the last Corleonesi godfather Bernardo Provenzano in 2004.

Located in Trapani province it has around 30,000 inhabitants with the economy centred on agriculture, mainly olives, and furniture making.His conquests were said to be numerous which is why rumours abound that he has several illegitimate children in and around the town.Unusually amongst Sicilian Mafioso, the well-educated Messina Denaro is thought to eschew Catholicism and is an atheist.Cosa Nostra’s war against the state, backed by Matteo Messina Denaro, was a disaster for the criminal brotherhood.Toto Riina’s strategy had failed utterly and the murders of anti-mafia Judges Falcone and Borsellino and subsequent crackdown forced the mafia to go underground.

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