Merry dating site send thread

She had to come by the house one more day to grab some of her Christmas decorations and I brought up the idea of no contact for atleast a month.

She thought it was stupid at first but then finally agreed.

However, you should not expect a positive or indeed any response... But sometimes proper closure can only take place if the person feels they have tried to grasp at all the available 'straws' and they may in a bit of denial, and they need that last final rejection to launch on a new trajectory.. If you are going to send her Christmas greetings, do something lighthearted like that. I have the feeling that she might take that as me being a smart **** .'hey look who has the dogs....' kinda thing.

It's normal to want to know we were important and that we meant something, even when we don't know if getting back with someone is what would be best.

As a woman, I wouldn't care so much about a Merry Christmas as I would a Happy Birthday.

That being said, after so long together she might feel hurt and angry if you did not reach out, so it's a fine line.

My ex used my birthday as an excuse to make contact with me.

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