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Director George Lucas, 69, may not be heading Lucasfilm Ltd.

anymore, but he’s definitely still going to have his hands full with a slightly different endeavor.

The industry’s dark side has been front and center in the news, including painful revelations about alleged sexual harassment and other abuses by leading industry figures from mini-mogul Harvey Weinstein to Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey.“Because I was the only child in this family of six kids, in some ways, I was very comfortable being different and standing out and having my own opinion.“My mother in her own way even encouraged it, even though she was very wedded to her own beliefs.“When Ariel wasn’t performing, I felt like a failure.” At the time, she was dating movie mogul George Lucas (the two married in 2013), who offered some advice using a metaphor quintessential of Chicago winters: snowstorms and blizzards. It’s that wisdom generations of Star Wars fans have come to know. But he’s good with other things, like singing and playing with her.“When you have an idea that lives and thrives for 40 years with multiple generations of people and those messages stand the test of time, it’s because those messages are very wise and very deep,” Hobson said. 9, 2013, Hobson and Lucas welcomed a baby girl, Everest Hobson Lucas, via gestational surrogate. We’re a good combination.” A new lakefront location for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is being proposed in Chicago.

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