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The absence you feel upon its loss, however, will teach you a great deal about yourself.

You’ll learn a new kind of independence; it will teach you not to remake certain mistakes you made in the relationship.

Happy couples who seem more compatible and contented in every way.

Yet even though romance often comes to mind first, the story of soulmates is much richer.

That means that anything needing healing will bubble to the surface in every type of soulmate relationship.

And, though time won’t change the fact that this love existed, it will give you the experience to help move forward.

As time passes, you may meet someone with whom you intend to replicate lost love; then after, perhaps someone who stands for everything your ex was against.

This new person will do what the other failed to do. This new person will choose to love you, to mend you and to show you that by letting go of your soul mate, you paved the way for true love.

Ah soulmates – those fortunate people we believe are meant for each other as if they share a magical mystical connection.

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