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To reduce such confusion and incidents, perhaps it’s time to lay down a few Whats Your Price “Dating Etiquette” or ground rules: (1) Do Not expect Sex on the First Date Despite what the press or media may claim, remember, this is not a website for Escorts.

So when you are making or accepting an offer, you cannot expect sex on the first date!

If you hand over the money immediately when you meet your attractive date, chances are s/he will feel grateful for your grace, and for the fact you didn’t make him or her ask. The initial dating process is very superficial, so it is better to do away with the superficial money exchange up front before the other person gets to know you better.

Exchanging money after you have a deeper and more meaningful connection with that person is not only awkward, but it will likely reflect negatively on you.

(4) Be honest in your profile and in person The final, and I believe the most important code of conduct is to be honest.Even if a member does state s/he is interested in a “Casual / Intimate Encounter” or “Discreet Affair”, it is still a bad idea to assume you will get laid even if there is chemistry.If you are unfamiliar with the art of seduction, perhaps it is time for you to buy a book and learn the art.To accept an offer, and then to write asking if you will be having “dessert” afterwards is not only crude and rude, but it will most likely not get you laid.Rather you may be blocked by the other user, or even worse reported for violating the code of conduct. If a member does not state that s/he is interested in a “Casual / Intimate Encounter” or “Discreet Affair”, it is safe to assume you will not get laid on the first date!

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