Lonely on valentines day website dating

with emotionally unavailable guys, they’ll THINK OF YOU when you cut them off, they’ll “MISS YOU,” in the sense that they miss what you provided (since they are all about themselves and unable to empathize or connect emotionally and it’s all about what they can get out of and gain from people, relationships and situations).

I have my power back and I know I truly deserve so much better than him!!! He is terrible naricisstic and emotionally unavailable but I’ve been through so many of the same relationships.I was missing the the passion, being the one he chose, being a project coordinating mommy, the highs and lows, the makeups, the security of having a boyfriend, the dream, the “he’s the one!I’ve found my happily ever after,” the “he’s changing for me,” etc. I was convinced that the amazing, loyal, respectful, emotionally available “prince” that he was in the beginning was going to come back out at any moment.I did think it was funny dummy found out she was sending her boo in jail money, from what he was giving her LOL!!!! Your so right these selfish men don’t give a Damm about anyone except their EGOS!!!in the end I started to resent him and I called him out all the time !!

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